About Us


In 2013, Stephens Hardwood, LLC purchased Strunk Bros. Inc in Huntsville, TN. Strunk Bros. Inc. was  a sawmill with 30 plus years of successful operation.
Building on their success, and continuing relationships with an already established customer base, we are dedicated to manufacturing quality rough cut graded lumber with particular emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Our employees, some of which have been at their job for 20 plus years, are skilled and dedicated to producing quality lumber for our customers. We are currently producing 12 million plus board feet per year.
We have our own trucking fleet to ensure prompt deliveries, or you may arrange to pick up your custom order.


In 2015, we broke ground on our new facility in Pine Knot, KY. After recognizing the growing need for white oak barrels in the bourbon industry, the idea of our Stave Mill was born, and we were up and running in 2016.
Our employees are dedicated to producing quality staves and headings, operating with a brand new Brewco Inc, saw system. We are currently increasing production in order to meet our customer's needs.

Our sawmill is producing Quality Green Hardwood Lumber, 4x6s and Ties.


Our Stave Mill is producing Quality White Oak Staves and Headings.